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“The narrative, deeply rooted in the psychological,  which light-footedly stages the dramas of the everyday in the sense of Shakespeare’s ‘All the world’s a stage’, is a consistent characteristic in the work of Heather Allen.”
Dr. Alexander Tolnay

exhibition views (selection)

Alius Mundus main room
Alius Mundus exhibition view 3
Alius Mundus looking though peephole
Alius Mundus ufo peepholes
Alius Mundus peephole 8
Alius Mundus peephole 7
Alius Mundus peephole 3
Alius Mundus peephole 5
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Alius Mundus, Kunsthalle m3, Berlin, 2012

A life inside, another world. An installation of 4 cardboard ‘rooms’ containing ca. 80 figures, which could only be seen through peep-holes.


Ground level installation

Ground Level

Ground Level installation detail
Ground level installation detail painted plinth sculpey figures
Two men sculptures
Wave installation wooden slats wax figures


wave installation view
Wave male groups sculpture
Wave male group sculptures
Every Man's Home... installation

Everyman's Home...

Everyman's home... clay houses
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Fremde Bewohner, Frankfurt/Main, 2011

Installations in 3 sites in Frankfurt/Main: Ground Level, Römer9 / Wave, Epiphaniaskirche / Every Man’s Home, Markuskirche.


The Ideal Man installation view
The Ideal Man figure group on plinth
male group and foot
The Ideal Man wall drawing with detail
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The Ideal Man, ArToll, Bedburg-Hau, 2011

The ideal man – 75 versions made during a two-week residency at Artoll occupy a room, accompanied by more around the walls.


Tower Budapest view from bridge
Tower installed in Budapest City Lake
Tower bronze figures on wooden tower Budapest
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White Tower, Art on Lake, Museum of Fine Art, Budapest, 2011

Two bronze figures climb up an 8-metre tower – where to from there?


nach oben installation view
Nach oben installation
3 men on scaffolding
3 men on scaffold
2 men on box
ladder forest
crowd creeping under the door
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Nach oben, ICI BERLIN, La Condition Publique, Lilles/Roubaix, 2009

A crowd of figures inhabit an entrance room to La Condition Publique, on scaffolding, packing cases, towers, ladders, shelves. Some of them are creeping in under the door.

Curated by Dr. Ralf Hartmann and Dr. Andrea Weber.


Climb exhibition view
Climb exhibition 7-man sculpture group and string ladder
Climb exhibition figure and string ladder
Climb exhibition sculpture detail
Climb male sculptures group
Climb figures on tower with ladder
Climb two men on cardboard tower
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Climb, Waygood, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2009

Small figures, big room. But there are opportunities to climb.


Cellar sculpey figures exhibition detail 11
Cellar sculpey figures installation Budapest
Cellar sculpey figures exhibition detail 4
Cellar sculpey figures exhibition detail 6
Cellar sculpey figures exhibition detail 9
Cellar sculpey figures exhibition detail 1
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Cellar, Pince Galeria, Budapest, 2007

Plasticine figures emerging from the cellar walls in the depths of  the Pince Galeria.


Der Esel ist Tot temporary home
Der Esel ist Tot film and homage to Dennis
Der Esel ist Tot opening performance
Der Esel ist Tot, film stills
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Der Esel ist Tot, Heimspiel Gallery, Frankfurt/Main, 2006 (with Julia Oschatz)

Installation, performance and 25min animated film about our travels back from Cripple Creek, Colorado with bags of gold carried by Dennis the donkey (sadly bombed to bits in Palestine). The gold didn’t make it back either.


excerpt: Egypt

ain't she sweet poster
Heather Allen - sculptures / videos 1997-2013 - Ain't she sweet
Ain't she sweet video stills
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Ain’t she sweet, Zagreus Projekt, Berlin, 2003

I made figures out of sugar paste and marzipan during a three-month stay in Salzburg, a city known for its sweet delicacies. Sugar played an important role in my life as I was highly allergic to it. Any small “sin” was immediately punished with physical reactions.
The exhibition represents an artistic questioning of “sweet” and “nice” in relation to the audience’s reactions to the figures. The figures became “collaborators” in the performance during the opening. I entered their world and began a destructive game… If the audience thought I was so sweet, they could eat me…