Forms (selection)

2014 –

exhibition views

Here to there and back exhibition view 2

Here to there and back, Projektraum Blah Blah, Berlin, 2018

Four sculptures, three new and one very old, combine industrially produced elements – steel, rubber, acetate – and more unpredictable materials – wax, plaster, expanding foam and soot. The Minimalist aesthetic presents a pared down statement that change is possible within a given structure or system.


Once upon a time, Projektraum Blah Blah, Berlin, 2018

A playful, garden-like collection of works produced since 2014. The works are sometimes this, sometimes that. The idea takes the form it needs; that it takes a form is the goal.


Four lacquered plaster forms

kurz kurz in Kurt Kurt, Kurt Kurt Projektzentrale, Berlin, 2015

“Strange organic structures colonise the exhibition space as solitary plastic objects and remain silent. Most of them shine quietly in their discreetly sleepy colours, growing out of the ground as if conjured up by magic. One recalls excursions to natural history museums, archaeological and paleontological collections, hunting rooms and salons, chambers of curiosities of eccentric amateurs.”

Dirk van der Meulen