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Forms | non-figurative works 

2014 –

works and exhibition views

paintings / drawings (selection)

sculptures (selection)

exhibitions (selection)

Here to there and back – again


Kurt-Kurt Projektzentrale, Berlin

An older piece (Split, 1993) comes into dialogue with newer works (Flow, 2018 and Growth, 2022) in the back space.

A video loop, Down the Pan from the series What didn’t happen to me in Berlin (2006) finds an appropriate location in the project space’s toilet.

Sculpture Garden (2014 – 2018) is accompanied by new paintings in the front space.




Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin

I was very happy to exhibit with three former co-students from our 1996/97 Chelsea Art School days: Sara Björnsdottir (Reykjavik), Elizabeth Russell (Vancouver) and Silke Thoss (Berlin).


Photos: Heather Allen / Sebastian Wischmann

Here to there and back


Projektraum Blah Blah, Berlin

Four sculptures, three new and one very old, combine industrially produced elements – steel, rubber, acetate – and more unpredictable materials – wax, plaster, expanding foam and soot. The Minimalist aesthetic presents a pared down statement that change is possible within a given structure or system.

Flow, 2018, rubber mat, plaster
Swing, 2018, steel wire and support, wax
BPS, 2018, steel tubes, spray foam
Smoke, 1994, acetate, wire, smoke deposits

Once upon a time


Projektraum Blah Blah, Berlin

A playful, garden-like collection of works produced since 2014. The works are sometimes this, sometimes that. The idea takes form; that it takes the form it needs is the goal.